Sunday, 30 September 2007

Music at our church

Things are very busy here. I have tons of students, and then juggling church activities. Our church youth 'orchestra' (using the term very loosly) began it includes a trumpet, a recorder (hey she showed up), a clarinet, a bass guitar(can't read music), 2 acoustic guitars, snare drum player (can't read music), an alto sax player( that can only read concert cleff), a very young one finger keyboard player, and myself. Look out Music Hall! We have no music stands, and of course only the music that I can produce on my computer on the free version of Finale, until I can afford the real one.
We are starting our Christmas program soon, and there are only about 9 people in our entire church that can read music. That includes the piano and organ players, and of course out of the ones that read music, 2 have back problems and can't stand for long periods, 1 has a terminally ill husband and can't come, and the rest is the pastoral staff!
It looks like I'll be directing and singing alto-- as there are only really 2 of us, so really there are only 2 1/2 altos, 1 tenor, 1 bass, and the rest sing the melody.
This is the real world!

Monday, 17 September 2007

Update on my stuff

Our worldly goods are now in England in British customs. Customs is an indefinite process, but at least they are only 15 hours away by truck. The are not at the bottom of the ocean, they are being sold by British Muslims to support terrorism in the free world. Okay, yes I'm bitter--it is cold here, and I need my coat. Oh well, it is an excuse to buy another one.


I am now completely maxed out on the number of students I can take. My schedule includes group string classes in two public primary schools (42 students currently), (it is a crazy 15 min lesson w/ 2-6 students per lesson) teaching twenty-four pupils in private lessons at the Causway School of Music, as well as three students at home. Most of the students are beginners, although there are a few that are more advanced. I'm also teaching Music History and Literature I at GBS through video web cam. Modern technology makes the world a much smaller place, and it is nice to continue to share with the GBS music majors whom I love! There is nothing like staying busy to beat home sickness!

Saturday, 1 September 2007

The worst in the world...

I'm proud of myself and my husband. He has let me paint the yellow living room. It is now--get this-- Pebble beach and we have a feature wall (around the fireplace) that is painted cappuccino 2. :) This is very happy and sounds very cool, but Actually it is rather amusing, because pebble beach --which is supposed to be a tan in the pink hues family --looks very purple in some light. And the cappuccino which is supposed to match it. Well it actually does match in some light, but when it looks purple....well just to say that mom would hate it! Very contemporary--actually more than I intended. Add to this that the rug coming is blue.... I am the worst decorator in the world. I need my friends and sisters here badly! I can try to be cool-- but I'm just not. The problem is, w/ the paint and paying to have it painted (seriously we are not talented enough to do it ourselves) it cost so much money, I absolutely can't complain to my husband. He was not going to let me spend the money in the first place, because the yellow was okay with him. And now the colors resemble the nursery section of the zoo...

Which brings me to a future chat on being the worst housewife in the world. I want my professional job back. I'm lousy at this household engineer thing!

Oh, and the infinity company... Our stuff just left america and should be in England September 12 and then it will travel another long journey to NIreland. I'm hoping for first of October. They are the worst company in the world.