Tuesday, 28 August 2007

A book every woman should own!

I have been reading Dr. Emerson Eggerichs' book, Love & Respect. Please understand, before I got married, I read every marriage book I could get my hands on. Total woman, Total Joy, Letters to Karen/Phillip. Mars/Venus, you name it, I was interested. But this book is -to use the cliche- different, using scripture and example, it is a convicting look at the passages about "Love & Honor" in a marriage.

I know you ladies are busy, and don't have tons of money for another book. But I know this book comes with a CD sometimes, so you can listen to it... which might be easier w/ busy lives.

See what you think and let me know.

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

More on the language barrier

Thanks for all your comments! It is almost as good as having friends here! I love you guys!
Now I wanted to clarify a few things....

1st carry out is called take away. Carry out here is a carryable six pack. So last week I called the chineese and ask for carry out (beer)! Me a pastors wife and all.

2nd. a fry is a chip. and a chip is a crisp, But here a fry means what I call a heart attack on a plate. It is fried...sausage, bacon, tomatoes, eggs, mushrooms and toast. Sometimes it includes black pudding which is so gross you just can't imagine... it is pigs blood fried...

A lady at our church named Dafne--who I just love!Anyway, she said she lived in America for a while. One day they were going to a function and the lady told her to bring a covered dish. She said she felt fortunate that she had a dish w/ a lid and presented it to the lady (empty). She told me this to encourage me in my present plight!

Well I must go. My husband is pumping up the tires to my new bike. Today I must go into town to get some painting supplies (another story for another day)

Love you guys!

Monday, 20 August 2007

language barrier

I know the British are supposed to speak English... but we have a serious language barrier. I'm really quite sick of being corrected on what a say. So here is just a taste of what I'm into.

About clothes...
Pants mean underwear to them, so if you ask them if they women wear pants to church, it is quite embarrassing!!! A sweater is a jumper.

A rug is a blanket to them.

About Food...
A bun is a sweet baked item, a bap is a bun, and a biscuit is a cookie. A scone is a biscuit w/ sugar and/or fruit. A cracker is a toy at Christmas. And the words sweet, pudding, or after can all mean dessert. Luckily chocolate is still chocolate, although theirs is quite a bit sweeter. Candy is called a sweet. A pop is a fizzy drink. A soda is a special kind of bread. A filled soda is a sandwhich made w/ soda bread.

Carry out is called take-away. Frys are called chips. Chips are called crisps.
Lunch is lunch or dinner. Supper is called tea, and your snack before bed or after church is called supper.

About the bathroom...
Oh, and a bathroom is called a toilet. They are not so discreet to say ladies room or restroom. Just toilet or loo. So gross. Toilet paper is called toilet roll. Paper towels are called Kitchen roll. A wash rag is a cloth.

About pronounciation...
If you watch a video they also call them films. But this word is pronounced (filim).
If spelling a word with a Z they say Zed.

This is just the beginning of my soap box....

Friday, 17 August 2007

Back to N. Ireland

I arrived back Wed. morning ahd have been very busy. The senior pastor is on vacation (they call it holiday) and so Mark is in charge for 3 weeks. He has all the sermons, the visiting, and 3 radio broadcasts. Needless to say he is stressed. We are also starting 2 new ministries at the church. One is a class for new and growing adult Christians. Adults do not have Sunday School over here, so this is a new thing. We are also begining an evangelistic small group. We don't have a place to have it yet, but I'm hoping for a coffe shop! We had all of the church young people over for lunch today, and tonight we went to a grill out (they call it a barbecue) So life is going strong.

One of the girls needs help on her clarinet, so I am brushing up on my skills to help her :)-- horrible! I am also practicing gospel piano as my sister Sarah gave me a lesson while I was home. I'm not Martha Miller yet, but at least I'm trying.

Mark surprised me with matching bikes when I arrived home. Today we biked 4 miles, and if I want to go home, I'll have to bike 4 more (in the rain of course)

Well that is the update. Next week we will be getting internet in our home!!! It is terribly expensive, but I don't care. We'll just eat beans! I'm very excited! It is my only connection to the other side of the world.

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

America v/s Ireland

The things I love about america!
...I can drive
...Things aren't expensive
... people don't use "wee" as an adjective
...It isn't cold
...My friends live there!!!
... I can be a work-a-holic
...Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra!
...Hershey's Chocolate
...Old Navy
... people sing parts and read music
... gas is cheap

The things I love about N. Ireland
... my husband
... the coleslaw and pastries
... Laura Ashley
...cool hats
... the beach
...the castles