Sunday, 30 September 2007

Music at our church

Things are very busy here. I have tons of students, and then juggling church activities. Our church youth 'orchestra' (using the term very loosly) began it includes a trumpet, a recorder (hey she showed up), a clarinet, a bass guitar(can't read music), 2 acoustic guitars, snare drum player (can't read music), an alto sax player( that can only read concert cleff), a very young one finger keyboard player, and myself. Look out Music Hall! We have no music stands, and of course only the music that I can produce on my computer on the free version of Finale, until I can afford the real one.
We are starting our Christmas program soon, and there are only about 9 people in our entire church that can read music. That includes the piano and organ players, and of course out of the ones that read music, 2 have back problems and can't stand for long periods, 1 has a terminally ill husband and can't come, and the rest is the pastoral staff!
It looks like I'll be directing and singing alto-- as there are only really 2 of us, so really there are only 2 1/2 altos, 1 tenor, 1 bass, and the rest sing the melody.
This is the real world!


Stephanie said...

Hey, at least it won't be boring! LOL!

Janella said...

Just had to say I love you De. You are doing awesome handling these very different circumstances. I know you aren't trying to, but you are making me smile:) You go girl, turn that little ensemble into the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir!!! Miss you so much:(

camonsparents said...


I suggest you perform the first all kazoo Christmas program. No one needs talent, or training, or practice, hey those are the same characteristics as Britney Spears, and look at her "music" career. You can't go wrong! I would pair it with matching glitter tube tops and black hot pants for the ladies. I thought about hot pink, but I think the black will be much classier. The guys could wear muscle shirts and spandex bike shorts. Yep, that would be fun.

Dee, if anyone can turn your motley crew into musicians it is you!


David and Sarah Fry said...

Just you and Jesus......