Monday, 12 November 2007

I passed!

Just to let you know, I passed my Driving Theory Test. Multiple choice score --100% (50 total questions) and hazzard awareness, 62 out of 74-- a 43 was needed to pass!
Okay, I'm bragging and celebrating! Thanks for your well wishes and prayers. Now on to the driving test!--much harder!

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

L... is for looser....

Has any one heard the song... 'she was lookin kindof dumb, with her finger and her thumb, in the shape of an L on her forhead.' (I think the song is called Allstar) The chorus goes ' Hey now, you're an allstar, get your game on, go play! Hey now your an allstar....'

Anyway, that is me... well my car actually. To explain. In an attept to a.) be legal, and b) lower our insurance $2000.00. I am currently taking driving lessons. I have a learner permit and the law here says that anyone that has a learner permit must display large 'L' plates, prominitealy displayed on the back... and the front of the car!

So I now drive, but only with these 'Loser' plates on the car, and can only drive with a driver who has a license for 3 years. So, since I only have a few friends here, I can only ride w/ my husband.

Any one that tries to learn to drive on the wrong side of the road should never..., ever... do so with their husband.

Anyway, I digress. I have studied for the theory test-- which numerous people have said I might fail, but really my IQ is sufficent, and I've studied enough that I don't forsee that as an issue. I do know a mentally retarded girl that passed, although I was told that was before they made the test harder.... anyway.. the test will be 55 questions of which I must only answer 5o correctly. Please kill me if I do not pass, as I shouldn't have been able to pass my master's degree oral exams with such limited mental facilities.

So, I also have a driving instructor, who is £21 pounds an hour-- roughly $42.
He is stretching it out to make money on me I fear. Really I feel blessed, because I haven't hit anyone, although it isn't for lack of trying. One elderly lady at the church informed me that she and George (her cat) would be staying in until I finished learning to drive.

Oh, and after I pass the test... get this... I must wear large 'R' plates for a year that limit me from driving over 45 miles an hour.

Terrible Blogger...

Okay, I'm a terrible blogger. I guess I've been really busy. Thanks to those who ask for info on my life. It made me feel good. Actually I feel cut off from the world. I feel a long way away, and really miss you all so much! I know you are there and that comforts me, but with the five hour time diff (more for you deb) it is hard to find a time when I can call anyone. So I love you all, miss you all, and will try to blog better.
Oh, and why no pictures. Honestly....

I lost my camera.
The end.

Saturday, 6 October 2007

Our stuff arrived!

Our stuff arrived today! It is wonderful. I don't have time to tell you all about it now, but just to let you know we received our things. So far no pictures or the cello are broken. We have just begun unpacking, so it will take a while!
When the guy called to say they were bringing the truck by, I said 'Praise the Lord'. He didn't know what to do after that.

Sunday, 30 September 2007

Music at our church

Things are very busy here. I have tons of students, and then juggling church activities. Our church youth 'orchestra' (using the term very loosly) began it includes a trumpet, a recorder (hey she showed up), a clarinet, a bass guitar(can't read music), 2 acoustic guitars, snare drum player (can't read music), an alto sax player( that can only read concert cleff), a very young one finger keyboard player, and myself. Look out Music Hall! We have no music stands, and of course only the music that I can produce on my computer on the free version of Finale, until I can afford the real one.
We are starting our Christmas program soon, and there are only about 9 people in our entire church that can read music. That includes the piano and organ players, and of course out of the ones that read music, 2 have back problems and can't stand for long periods, 1 has a terminally ill husband and can't come, and the rest is the pastoral staff!
It looks like I'll be directing and singing alto-- as there are only really 2 of us, so really there are only 2 1/2 altos, 1 tenor, 1 bass, and the rest sing the melody.
This is the real world!

Monday, 17 September 2007

Update on my stuff

Our worldly goods are now in England in British customs. Customs is an indefinite process, but at least they are only 15 hours away by truck. The are not at the bottom of the ocean, they are being sold by British Muslims to support terrorism in the free world. Okay, yes I'm bitter--it is cold here, and I need my coat. Oh well, it is an excuse to buy another one.


I am now completely maxed out on the number of students I can take. My schedule includes group string classes in two public primary schools (42 students currently), (it is a crazy 15 min lesson w/ 2-6 students per lesson) teaching twenty-four pupils in private lessons at the Causway School of Music, as well as three students at home. Most of the students are beginners, although there are a few that are more advanced. I'm also teaching Music History and Literature I at GBS through video web cam. Modern technology makes the world a much smaller place, and it is nice to continue to share with the GBS music majors whom I love! There is nothing like staying busy to beat home sickness!

Saturday, 1 September 2007

The worst in the world...

I'm proud of myself and my husband. He has let me paint the yellow living room. It is now--get this-- Pebble beach and we have a feature wall (around the fireplace) that is painted cappuccino 2. :) This is very happy and sounds very cool, but Actually it is rather amusing, because pebble beach --which is supposed to be a tan in the pink hues family --looks very purple in some light. And the cappuccino which is supposed to match it. Well it actually does match in some light, but when it looks purple....well just to say that mom would hate it! Very contemporary--actually more than I intended. Add to this that the rug coming is blue.... I am the worst decorator in the world. I need my friends and sisters here badly! I can try to be cool-- but I'm just not. The problem is, w/ the paint and paying to have it painted (seriously we are not talented enough to do it ourselves) it cost so much money, I absolutely can't complain to my husband. He was not going to let me spend the money in the first place, because the yellow was okay with him. And now the colors resemble the nursery section of the zoo...

Which brings me to a future chat on being the worst housewife in the world. I want my professional job back. I'm lousy at this household engineer thing!

Oh, and the infinity company... Our stuff just left america and should be in England September 12 and then it will travel another long journey to NIreland. I'm hoping for first of October. They are the worst company in the world.

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

A book every woman should own!

I have been reading Dr. Emerson Eggerichs' book, Love & Respect. Please understand, before I got married, I read every marriage book I could get my hands on. Total woman, Total Joy, Letters to Karen/Phillip. Mars/Venus, you name it, I was interested. But this book is -to use the cliche- different, using scripture and example, it is a convicting look at the passages about "Love & Honor" in a marriage.

I know you ladies are busy, and don't have tons of money for another book. But I know this book comes with a CD sometimes, so you can listen to it... which might be easier w/ busy lives.

See what you think and let me know.

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

More on the language barrier

Thanks for all your comments! It is almost as good as having friends here! I love you guys!
Now I wanted to clarify a few things....

1st carry out is called take away. Carry out here is a carryable six pack. So last week I called the chineese and ask for carry out (beer)! Me a pastors wife and all.

2nd. a fry is a chip. and a chip is a crisp, But here a fry means what I call a heart attack on a plate. It is fried...sausage, bacon, tomatoes, eggs, mushrooms and toast. Sometimes it includes black pudding which is so gross you just can't imagine... it is pigs blood fried...

A lady at our church named Dafne--who I just love!Anyway, she said she lived in America for a while. One day they were going to a function and the lady told her to bring a covered dish. She said she felt fortunate that she had a dish w/ a lid and presented it to the lady (empty). She told me this to encourage me in my present plight!

Well I must go. My husband is pumping up the tires to my new bike. Today I must go into town to get some painting supplies (another story for another day)

Love you guys!

Monday, 20 August 2007

language barrier

I know the British are supposed to speak English... but we have a serious language barrier. I'm really quite sick of being corrected on what a say. So here is just a taste of what I'm into.

About clothes...
Pants mean underwear to them, so if you ask them if they women wear pants to church, it is quite embarrassing!!! A sweater is a jumper.

A rug is a blanket to them.

About Food...
A bun is a sweet baked item, a bap is a bun, and a biscuit is a cookie. A scone is a biscuit w/ sugar and/or fruit. A cracker is a toy at Christmas. And the words sweet, pudding, or after can all mean dessert. Luckily chocolate is still chocolate, although theirs is quite a bit sweeter. Candy is called a sweet. A pop is a fizzy drink. A soda is a special kind of bread. A filled soda is a sandwhich made w/ soda bread.

Carry out is called take-away. Frys are called chips. Chips are called crisps.
Lunch is lunch or dinner. Supper is called tea, and your snack before bed or after church is called supper.

About the bathroom...
Oh, and a bathroom is called a toilet. They are not so discreet to say ladies room or restroom. Just toilet or loo. So gross. Toilet paper is called toilet roll. Paper towels are called Kitchen roll. A wash rag is a cloth.

About pronounciation...
If you watch a video they also call them films. But this word is pronounced (filim).
If spelling a word with a Z they say Zed.

This is just the beginning of my soap box....

Friday, 17 August 2007

Back to N. Ireland

I arrived back Wed. morning ahd have been very busy. The senior pastor is on vacation (they call it holiday) and so Mark is in charge for 3 weeks. He has all the sermons, the visiting, and 3 radio broadcasts. Needless to say he is stressed. We are also starting 2 new ministries at the church. One is a class for new and growing adult Christians. Adults do not have Sunday School over here, so this is a new thing. We are also begining an evangelistic small group. We don't have a place to have it yet, but I'm hoping for a coffe shop! We had all of the church young people over for lunch today, and tonight we went to a grill out (they call it a barbecue) So life is going strong.

One of the girls needs help on her clarinet, so I am brushing up on my skills to help her :)-- horrible! I am also practicing gospel piano as my sister Sarah gave me a lesson while I was home. I'm not Martha Miller yet, but at least I'm trying.

Mark surprised me with matching bikes when I arrived home. Today we biked 4 miles, and if I want to go home, I'll have to bike 4 more (in the rain of course)

Well that is the update. Next week we will be getting internet in our home!!! It is terribly expensive, but I don't care. We'll just eat beans! I'm very excited! It is my only connection to the other side of the world.

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

America v/s Ireland

The things I love about america!
...I can drive
...Things aren't expensive
... people don't use "wee" as an adjective
...It isn't cold
...My friends live there!!!
... I can be a work-a-holic
...Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra!
...Hershey's Chocolate
...Old Navy
... people sing parts and read music
... gas is cheap

The things I love about N. Ireland
... my husband
... the coleslaw and pastries
... Laura Ashley hats
... the beach
...the castles

Saturday, 14 July 2007

Shopping explained

This is the town hall, right in the center of downtown. You can't drive downtown unless you are delivering. It is pedestrian only. Then all around are the stores for shopping.

Moores has the nicest clothes. It is a three story place and would include some housewares. This is the closest to a Macy's that is available. But obviously not as large. (below)
(left)This is where you get hairspray and stuff!

(Right) To the right of Superdrug, you will see Laura Ashley! It is wonderful! 2 stories of amazing things!

(Left) This is the nice downtown grocery store. There are larger ones on the outskirts of town, but you have to drive to those.

(Right) Next is like our Gap. There are trendy clothes here.

Railway Meats is the Butcher and Homemade is a little restaurant( it is called a cafe) You would go here for tea and scones. (left)
(Right) The Bakery, very small, but lots of cream buns :) Then Gareth's is their version of fast food. There you can get fish and chips. Fast food here is expensive.

Shopping explained

This is our Woolworths-- you can get simple household items here.

Friday, 13 July 2007

Shopping..No Walmart here...

Shopping is very different here. Instead of a mall with 60 stores, everyone shops down town. There are tons of little stores-- they range in size from a store smaller than Dots (actually this is probably the average size) to a few stores that are that are 3 stories in old buildings that have been redone. Mark says it is not different to shop here. I don't know why he is arguing with me. I know shopping... and this is different. You go to one store for your cosmetics, one store for books, one store for hardware, one for clothes. The only problem is the town closes at 5 pm so you have to get everything done during the day.

No Walmart although our ASDA store is owned by Walmart. It is just a grocery store. There are tons of little bakery's which make amazing things. I'm going to be so fat!

There are two stores that are great. One is Laura Ashley. Very expensive but the most beautiful clothes! The other is called Moores, again very expensive but awesome suits and things. The problem is that US dollars are only worth half over here so something that is 120 pounds is actually 240+dollars. Mark says I should buy my clothes over in the US... but I can tell that my clothes are very different here. Not that I can afford a new wardrobe or anything, but the styles are different... and I feel a little out of step (in more ways than one)

The experience of downtown is kindof cool, but it takes forever to get what you need. Take the other day for instance, One store for hairspray, a different one for Windex, another one for keys made, one more for a mop, another for a small present, another for milk. Oh how I wish for Walmart.

Wednesday, 11 July 2007


I never thought I'd see the day when I looked forward to blogging. My life has changed so much--.

It is really expensive for internet right now, so my posts willl be short. But hopefully i can feel more connected to the NAmerican world through this.

I miss all of you very much. Sunday dinner was the worst homesickness I've experienced! I invited another couple over for next Sunday. They are new here too--They are very inteligent people, but really struggling with the language (I think they've been here 6 weeks--and already communicate pretty well) I admire them, and know they understand how I feel. Their names are Benny and Adina. Say a prayer for them if you think of it.

Life here is rainy, and rainy and rainy. We've only had once nice day since i arrived, and it rained half of it! They say this is unusual, and everyone is blaming it on global warming.

I must go-- this has been too long already!