Monday, 20 October 2008

the mouse

Okay, we have a mouse. Last night I woke up and heard it in my room! I even saw it, so don't say that I'm imagining it. We have five mouse traps, and the little critter has eaten from them, and boldly moved from room to room. Saturday moring, I got up for work early. Got dressed and went to the hall closet for my jacket. there He was, on the curtain rod, running across my hangers. It is too disgusting for words.Today I informed my husband that the mouse and I could not both continue to live here....he is off to get new traps.

This is a picture of our house... last winter... with our Senior pastor and his wife. NO MOUSE!

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dorcas said...

I don't think I could live there either. We had mouse trouble when we lived in Indiana. I could hardly bear it. The poor pastor's kids. Whenever one was caught I called them over to dispose of it. I couldn't do it myself. Good luck getting rid of it. Sounds like it is a pretty smart mouse. I'm sure your husband would rather keep you instead.