Wednesday, 7 November 2007

L... is for looser....

Has any one heard the song... 'she was lookin kindof dumb, with her finger and her thumb, in the shape of an L on her forhead.' (I think the song is called Allstar) The chorus goes ' Hey now, you're an allstar, get your game on, go play! Hey now your an allstar....'

Anyway, that is me... well my car actually. To explain. In an attept to a.) be legal, and b) lower our insurance $2000.00. I am currently taking driving lessons. I have a learner permit and the law here says that anyone that has a learner permit must display large 'L' plates, prominitealy displayed on the back... and the front of the car!

So I now drive, but only with these 'Loser' plates on the car, and can only drive with a driver who has a license for 3 years. So, since I only have a few friends here, I can only ride w/ my husband.

Any one that tries to learn to drive on the wrong side of the road should never..., ever... do so with their husband.

Anyway, I digress. I have studied for the theory test-- which numerous people have said I might fail, but really my IQ is sufficent, and I've studied enough that I don't forsee that as an issue. I do know a mentally retarded girl that passed, although I was told that was before they made the test harder.... anyway.. the test will be 55 questions of which I must only answer 5o correctly. Please kill me if I do not pass, as I shouldn't have been able to pass my master's degree oral exams with such limited mental facilities.

So, I also have a driving instructor, who is £21 pounds an hour-- roughly $42.
He is stretching it out to make money on me I fear. Really I feel blessed, because I haven't hit anyone, although it isn't for lack of trying. One elderly lady at the church informed me that she and George (her cat) would be staying in until I finished learning to drive.

Oh, and after I pass the test... get this... I must wear large 'R' plates for a year that limit me from driving over 45 miles an hour.


Tamra said...

Bless your heart, Deanna. I will have to say, you made me laugh out loud while reading this post! What other letters do they use besides 'l' and 'r'? And what happens if you are caught driving over 45? I think I would have a wreck just trying to remember all those progressive limitations!
Hope you find your camera soon! Love ya and miss ya too!

Deanna said...

If caught driving over 45 you get a ticket and points on your license. After so many points, your license goes.
Oh, and I can't drive on highways either until I pass the test!
It is crazy! and yes I am complaining!

Deanna said...

Sorry for my various spelling errors. This adds to the fears of folks here that I may not be smart enough to pass the test!

camonsparents said...


Spelling is for people who don't have anything more exciting or fulfilling in their lives than sitting around and memorizing the bizarre and madcap spelling of the English language. You my dear have always been filled with a level of vim and vigor inconsistent with becoming a championship speller.

As to the license craziness in your life, you must know that if it wasn't this it would be something else. God is intent on teaching you a few lessons, and one of them seems to be laughing through lunacy, so learn the lesson quick, because unlike the American educational system, he won't just pass you on to the next level until you pass.

I am tickled pink to have you blogging again. Indeed, I am pleased as punch to get little snippets of "Dee-isms" again.

Janella said...

This is great keep it comin , i can laugh and cry with you! $%^$%^@some of my favorite thoughts:) I love yu De! Have fun on this new adventure Hehe, SOMEBODY HELP! my friend is going to go crazy, she is very smart and very talented PLEASE give her a real CHallenge!!!!
Oh no my sleeping pills are kicking in I am not responsible for anything I have typed, except the I love yu DE part.

the4ashes said...

Hey the R stand for regal and just be glad you are not in Germany...45 on the audobon could be deadly.

David and Sarah Fry said...

I am sitting here cackling out loud with what voice I have left today. I cannot even imagine that you have to drive 45 miles an hour. I guess that way you won't run over any sheep!

Stephanie said...

I am in on the scoop late, but this was a great post! Laughed outloud at your R's and L's...let's make up something else. R - Racing past you (at 45, yeah right!!) and L - leavin' you in the dust, baby!

Love ya!