Wednesday, 11 July 2007


I never thought I'd see the day when I looked forward to blogging. My life has changed so much--.

It is really expensive for internet right now, so my posts willl be short. But hopefully i can feel more connected to the NAmerican world through this.

I miss all of you very much. Sunday dinner was the worst homesickness I've experienced! I invited another couple over for next Sunday. They are new here too--They are very inteligent people, but really struggling with the language (I think they've been here 6 weeks--and already communicate pretty well) I admire them, and know they understand how I feel. Their names are Benny and Adina. Say a prayer for them if you think of it.

Life here is rainy, and rainy and rainy. We've only had once nice day since i arrived, and it rained half of it! They say this is unusual, and everyone is blaming it on global warming.

I must go-- this has been too long already!


David and Sarah Fry said...

Wow. It's so good to hear you. I'm very glad you're blogging, but wish you didn't have to rush so you could tell us everything. I'm a little confused about calling you. Can I use my cell phone? Or a certain kind of calling card? I'm afraid I'll do the wrong thing and cost 4.95 a minute or something. Miss you. I'm not a missionary, but I do agree that moving totally stinks.

Deanna said...

Use a calling card to call me. It will charge you minutes, but you can use your cell. They have ones at CvS that are about 4 cents a min. I'm sure Walgreens has something similar. Look for prices to the United Kingdom (UK) --not Ireland! Love you!

dorcas said...

Hi Deanna! I'm so glad you've joined the blogging world. What a wonderful surprise. I'm so sorry that you are homesick. Glad you made some friends though. OK now I am confused. So do I use the calling card with my cell? Or use the calling card on my home phone? Again, so glad you are doing this. It is a wonderful way of keeping up with our friends from far away. I have a blog to and so does Philip. You can get to mine by clicking on my name. Love you girl! Looking forward to seeing you in August for Michelle's wedding. Speaking of weddings... we are headed to Illinois for Kezia Morley's wedding. Blake is staying with Grandma. Boo Hoo!

Stephanie said...

Global warming? Do they have that over there?

LOVE your blog! So happy that you are with us!