Friday, 13 July 2007

Shopping..No Walmart here...

Shopping is very different here. Instead of a mall with 60 stores, everyone shops down town. There are tons of little stores-- they range in size from a store smaller than Dots (actually this is probably the average size) to a few stores that are that are 3 stories in old buildings that have been redone. Mark says it is not different to shop here. I don't know why he is arguing with me. I know shopping... and this is different. You go to one store for your cosmetics, one store for books, one store for hardware, one for clothes. The only problem is the town closes at 5 pm so you have to get everything done during the day.

No Walmart although our ASDA store is owned by Walmart. It is just a grocery store. There are tons of little bakery's which make amazing things. I'm going to be so fat!

There are two stores that are great. One is Laura Ashley. Very expensive but the most beautiful clothes! The other is called Moores, again very expensive but awesome suits and things. The problem is that US dollars are only worth half over here so something that is 120 pounds is actually 240+dollars. Mark says I should buy my clothes over in the US... but I can tell that my clothes are very different here. Not that I can afford a new wardrobe or anything, but the styles are different... and I feel a little out of step (in more ways than one)

The experience of downtown is kindof cool, but it takes forever to get what you need. Take the other day for instance, One store for hairspray, a different one for Windex, another one for keys made, one more for a mop, another for a small present, another for milk. Oh how I wish for Walmart.


Stephanie said...

Walmart is really overrated, you know. Big business and all that...boring.

Anyway, you are trendy in how you dress, never fear. Everyone probably wishes they could dress like "Mark's wife - the American."

Lori said...

ASDA is not too bad. I went to one in England. My mother-in-law would shop there all the time because it was like Walmart.