Saturday, 14 July 2007

Shopping explained

This is the town hall, right in the center of downtown. You can't drive downtown unless you are delivering. It is pedestrian only. Then all around are the stores for shopping.

Moores has the nicest clothes. It is a three story place and would include some housewares. This is the closest to a Macy's that is available. But obviously not as large. (below)
(left)This is where you get hairspray and stuff!

(Right) To the right of Superdrug, you will see Laura Ashley! It is wonderful! 2 stories of amazing things!

(Left) This is the nice downtown grocery store. There are larger ones on the outskirts of town, but you have to drive to those.

(Right) Next is like our Gap. There are trendy clothes here.

Railway Meats is the Butcher and Homemade is a little restaurant( it is called a cafe) You would go here for tea and scones. (left)
(Right) The Bakery, very small, but lots of cream buns :) Then Gareth's is their version of fast food. There you can get fish and chips. Fast food here is expensive.


Caleb said...

LOVE your blog. great to "hear" from you. Wow! shopping does look different. No tjmaxx?? I have looked at NEXT catalog online before. It looks like they have cute stuff. I'll be in touch.

Deanna said...

There is a TjMax, but they call it TKMax! So I'll survive! Miss you lots! de

Stephanie said...

Creme buns? Hmmm...we could really get into that - in more ways than one! HA HA HA!