Tuesday, 7 August 2007

America v/s Ireland

The things I love about america!
...I can drive
...Things aren't expensive
... people don't use "wee" as an adjective
...It isn't cold
...My friends live there!!!
... I can be a work-a-holic
...Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra!
...Hershey's Chocolate
...Old Navy
... people sing parts and read music
... gas is cheap

The things I love about N. Ireland
... my husband
... the coleslaw and pastries
... Laura Ashley
...cool hats
... the beach
...the castles


camonsparents said...


Misery loves company. I've been stuck here in New Mexico, and while I didn't leave the country, I promise you that more people speak understandable English there than here. ARgggg. I guess I have found comfort in reading about your misery. It is nice to feel so "not alone" in the cultural displacement. I also feel just plain horrible that you are having to trudge through this kind of experience, too.

It is a 19 hour drive to the nearest White Castle. A dirty horrible addiction, I know, but one I can't seem to shake.

Of all the things I want to share with you, such as your really cool coat choices, your musical ability, or a loving family, living in a "technically similar" culture that feels like the moon isn't one of them.

On the up side, you don't have lowriders pull up next to you at stop lights, which then begin to gyrate and jump up and down thanks to hydrolics, while ear splitting tejano music blares at belly rumbling volume.


Stephanie said...

Deb - Please tell me you do not really like White Castle. YUCK!

Dee - Things I love about America this week - You're visiting!


camonsparents said...


I have to admit that I not only like White Castle, but I crave them. It is shameful, but true. We didn't have a White Castle near my home while I was growing up, but when we would come to GBS every Spring for Campmeeting and then every fall for Homecomeing, we would stop and eat a bag of sliders, onion rings (later onion chips) and orange soda. It was the only time all year I got any of those things.

My grandmother had been a student at GBS and had gone on dates there, back when it was a bright spot of cleanliness, with my grandfather. Later, my mom developed an affection for the stuff when she was a student at GBS.

Given that Campmeeting and Homecoming were the HAPPIEST times of my childhood, bar none, it isn't that surprising I developed a taste for them. They don't exist here in the far west, where I have lived my entire adult life, so the only time I get to eat them is when I am on vacation in Indiana and Ohio.

I have passed on my affection for them to my son, Camon. I also introduced them to De's inlaws the night of her wedding. Mrs. Mander thought they were the cutest "wee burgers." She is precious.


dorcas said...

Hi Deanna! It was so nice to see you at the wedding. Sorry I didn't get to hear you play. Would've loved to but with Blake I wasn't sure I wanted to get there to early. Just wanted to tell you that the other day Blake saw a picture of a little boy playing a violin and he said "violin". It wasn't quite as clear as how we say it but we knew what he was saying!