Tuesday, 28 August 2007

A book every woman should own!

I have been reading Dr. Emerson Eggerichs' book, Love & Respect. Please understand, before I got married, I read every marriage book I could get my hands on. Total woman, Total Joy, Letters to Karen/Phillip. Mars/Venus, you name it, I was interested. But this book is -to use the cliche- different, using scripture and example, it is a convicting look at the passages about "Love & Honor" in a marriage.

I know you ladies are busy, and don't have tons of money for another book. But I know this book comes with a CD sometimes, so you can listen to it... which might be easier w/ busy lives.

See what you think and let me know.


camonsparents said...


You brilliant girl! Of course I never fight with my husband. I am the picture of compliance and submission. Kyle and I never have heated words. Why I adore having been dragged to New Mexico and living in this kitty litter box surrounded by idiots, illegals, and immoral dolts. Why, it is my pleasure to pick up his dirty underwear each day as it lays crumpled next to the shower. I got my Master's degree so I could be the ONLY person in the house to actually put a new role of toilet paper on the bar. Gosh, I am simply astonished that you would encourage me to read a book on Christian marriage.


Stephanie said...

I've heard excellent things about that book too. One of our Homebuilders groups is doing the group study for it and they love it. Good for you for exercising your marriage knowledge base. Someday, I too, will read again.

the4ashes said...

Hey who needs marraige books when your husband wears a sexy clerical collar. Just... well