Wednesday, 22 August 2007

More on the language barrier

Thanks for all your comments! It is almost as good as having friends here! I love you guys!
Now I wanted to clarify a few things....

1st carry out is called take away. Carry out here is a carryable six pack. So last week I called the chineese and ask for carry out (beer)! Me a pastors wife and all.

2nd. a fry is a chip. and a chip is a crisp, But here a fry means what I call a heart attack on a plate. It is fried...sausage, bacon, tomatoes, eggs, mushrooms and toast. Sometimes it includes black pudding which is so gross you just can't imagine... it is pigs blood fried...

A lady at our church named Dafne--who I just love!Anyway, she said she lived in America for a while. One day they were going to a function and the lady told her to bring a covered dish. She said she felt fortunate that she had a dish w/ a lid and presented it to the lady (empty). She told me this to encourage me in my present plight!

Well I must go. My husband is pumping up the tires to my new bike. Today I must go into town to get some painting supplies (another story for another day)

Love you guys!


Caleb said...

did you get internet yet? hilarious post about the 'other' english. A lot of these I recognized as they Aussie's used them in New Guinea. I asked for a napkin at a restraunt and the lady thought I needed a pad!?!

Janella said...

Oh My! What a lovely way to speak, I think it will take just a "wee" bit more time to catch on:) I'm anxious for the paint story! I know "How's the weather sound generic but...? I hope a little sun:)Another busy week here in Franklin, maybe it just never slows down? Well, I must be off, I think I'll have a soda...NO a fizzy drink:)
Love ya,Janella

Stephanie said...

Love the rubbers story! I doubt if I could have had such grace as you - I would have just guffawed (which means: a loud or boisterous burst of laughter) LOL!

Stephanie said...

P.S. Just be glad no one from your church worked at the chinese place - that's how rumors start, you know. I can hear it now..."That assistant pastor's wife - the American - she is a lush." LOL!

camonsparents said...


That Black Pudding sounds beyond revolting. Argggg. As to the big rubbers, I don't know how you kept quiet. I would have rolled off my seat laughing and wet my "pants." When Kyle and I are at Epcot, we will stop in for a basket of fish and chips, complete with vinegar, and think of you.


Lori said...

Laughing too hard to comment!!!!

David and Sarah Fry said...


I do love your paint stories. And I get joy everytime I picture you galavanting across the Irish countryside on your bicycle, dodging sheep and all. I want to buy you some ribbons for your braids. I'm cackling out loud to myself right now.

I'm SO excited about your home internet. Now if I can get it, we can actually chat. I ran into Mark yesterday at school. But you were busy preparing for some sort of club? or something!? Probably a big rubbers club. Anyway you were busy.

Mom emailed and told me she didn't know how to get to your blog, and she was going to check my blog for your connection (she meant link). So I've got to tell her that this is most definately a rubbers-talking, beer-drinking kind of pastor's wife blog. Not for the regular public.

Love you so much.