Friday, 17 August 2007

Back to N. Ireland

I arrived back Wed. morning ahd have been very busy. The senior pastor is on vacation (they call it holiday) and so Mark is in charge for 3 weeks. He has all the sermons, the visiting, and 3 radio broadcasts. Needless to say he is stressed. We are also starting 2 new ministries at the church. One is a class for new and growing adult Christians. Adults do not have Sunday School over here, so this is a new thing. We are also begining an evangelistic small group. We don't have a place to have it yet, but I'm hoping for a coffe shop! We had all of the church young people over for lunch today, and tonight we went to a grill out (they call it a barbecue) So life is going strong.

One of the girls needs help on her clarinet, so I am brushing up on my skills to help her :)-- horrible! I am also practicing gospel piano as my sister Sarah gave me a lesson while I was home. I'm not Martha Miller yet, but at least I'm trying.

Mark surprised me with matching bikes when I arrived home. Today we biked 4 miles, and if I want to go home, I'll have to bike 4 more (in the rain of course)

Well that is the update. Next week we will be getting internet in our home!!! It is terribly expensive, but I don't care. We'll just eat beans! I'm very excited! It is my only connection to the other side of the world.


Janella said...

Hi De! Glad for the update, I haven't had time to update! So glad we had time together while you were home. I have to see pics of the bikes! You sound busy! Love ya, Janella

Anonymous said...

Hey Dee! Glad you made it home safely. I was so bummed that I couldn't get back east to see you and the wedding. I saw some pictures on someone's blog when I was surfing. It looked like it was beautiful. I will email you about the band camp idea.

Caleb said...

glad your "home" safe. it was sooo great to see you. definitely post pics of the bikes. i'm so glad you are getting internet. we are in campmeeting so it is a bz week. miss ya!

camonsparents said...


There is nothing like the forced exercise that comes from being miles from home in the rain! Camon started school this week and we really like his teacher, a lovely man. God is so Good.

It is almost 100 degrees today and will be again tomorrow. Whee isn't August fun. I have been rethinking when I should visit you. Perhaps I should run away from New Mexico in August of next year. The daily highs there seem so alluring right now.

Kyle wants to schedule our visit to you around the football season. He wants to enjoy a game with people who are as nuts as he is.

I am sure Mark will dazzle them with his pastoral skills.


Stephanie said...

Well, there's nothing like a rainy bike ride to burn calories, girl! Git up and go, I say! LOL!

Mark will be fine - it's called throwing him to the lions. Men champion times like this.

So excited that you are getting internet. Keep the posts coming!

Love you and miss you, of course.


dorcas said...

Matching bikes with your husband is a little different than matching raincoats with your mother-in-law, right? LOL Glad to hear you arrived home safely.

Deanna said...

may I say yes, matching bikes are much nicer than matching raincoats!!!